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View Phantom 3 Flight Logs

Ever wanted to see the data from your previous flights?  In this tutorial we'll show you how to retrieve the flight records for analysis.
Note: DJI has not given out information on how to decode their .dat files but thanks to the internet and our own analysis we can show you a few tricks.



Turn on the DJI Phantom 3 and Connect your Phone or Tablet

Turn on the DJI Phantom 3 and controller both by pressing their power buttons once and then pressing and holding the power buttons until all 4 lights turn on. 

Next connect to the DJI Go App by plugging in your phone or tablet.  At the home screen of the app press the Enter Camera View Button 


Enter Flight Data Mode on DJI Go App

Press the settings button

In the "MC Settings" Menu Press the "Advanced Settings" Button

Press the "Enter Flight Data Mode" Button

Read the Tips on the Screen and press OK


Plug a Micro USB into the front of the DJI Phantom 3


Open the SD card on your Computer


Transfer the *.dat files from the SD Card to your computer


Go to MapsMadeEasy and View your Flight Data

Go to the following URL:

Choose the DAT file that you would like to view and have fun!!

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